Managing Partner

Over the course of 34 years Steve has started, operated & sold multiple companies. His focus is finding well-established companies that have a long track record of profitability and revenues in industries where the products or services are “must haves.”

Steve is currently or recently involved in these endeavors:

  • Newest Acquistion: Benex, LLC B2B fumigation and pest control company. $7.5 Million in gross revenues in 2015 up 16.6%. Initial investors will enjoy a 10% ROI in addition to 50% of EBIDA. Company is poised for double digit growth and expansion in the next two years.
  • Cade Global – a spin off from Cade & Company created to better support the many international trade endeavors Cade has in the pipeline, has grown revenues by 396% in the past two years. The company is successfully distributing several craft beer brands worldwide, is the exclusive distributor for a #1 pet product manufacturer from Brazil and is the #1 supplier for tarps and other products used in the fumigation industry.
  • Solterra Lighting LLC was spun off on its own in June 2014. It has since grown revenues 240 % over the past two years. The company is quickly penetrating into the commercial electrical contracting business.
  • In 2013 Cade reorganized the leadership and strategic focus of Seawind Foods LLC, resulting in upwards of 30% growth in 2017 and a projection of 50% + growth in 2018.
  • Gold Coast Properties was a company owned and sold in the late 90’s that developed luxury homes in Carlsbad, CA. The project returned a ROI of over 400%.
  • BILY San Diego, a 501(C)(3) was launched in 2011. Steve and his wife founded the organization which has grown to include over twenty leaders and two venues. BILY has reached over 750 parents who were in crisis because of children with behavior problems.

Steve’s business ownership and experience in the international distribution space have led him to develop many worldwide connections and relationships. He has a natural flair for developing businesses and enjoys helping people realize their potential. He is very motivating and positive to work with and can quickly identify areas where companies can increase profitability.

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