Business Development & Client Support

Theresa has 20+ years of experience in accounting, business planning, administration, marketing and project management. She has worked for both large corporations and small to midsized family run businesses allowing her to wear many hats and learn a breadth of knowledge about operations and human resources.

After college Theresa spent several years working in insurance as a bookkeeper, office manager, accountant and later controller. She was instrumental with the data merging and platform changes resulting from several mergers and acquisitions.

For Fidelity Investments, working in the Health & Welfare division, Theresa liaised with clients such as Shell Oil and General Motors spearheading implementation projects and software platform changes to their benefits and payroll systems.

Over the past several years Theresa has worked with several family run businesses in a variety of business development, marketing, accounting and HR functions (often all concurrently!).

Theresa truly enjoys working with Steve to develop new businesses and helping to grow Cade & Company into a long-term, prosperous umbrella company. She holds a BS in Marketing from SDSU and lives in San Diego with her husband and two children.

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